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Working together to make your day better

Eshque is an independent developers community.
Our main goal is to create innovate entertainment services for your desktop and mobile devices.
Using all the power of technologies to make everyday life a little less boring :)

Our Projects

Tap The Spot

The simplest arcade game ever.
Kill time. Have fun. That's it.

Tap the growing spots to get points until it's too late. But don't tap the Jolly Rogers! Sounds easy? You'd better try it yourself! Improve your reaction, share your high scores with friends in social networks and try to become #1 worldwide! Earn red coins for in-game actions, buy them or even get them for free! Customize spots and backgrounds with tons of content packs to create awesome unique visuals. Cute cats, fancy cars, movie stars, you can tap everything! This free android game is the perfect timekiller. You need only one hand to play! Tired of waiting in line? Play Tap The Spot! Nothing to do at class? Play Tap The Spot! Bored in public transport? You know what to do! ;)

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Quiz Question Generator

Generate tons of hilarious random quiz-style questions


Crap Map App

Discover and create crappy places on Earth using this funny mobile social service
Swarm-style check-ins for your shit. Mark the spot where you just took a dump and see if there are ones like you nearby. Just press and hold the button... Voila! Your crap is marked on the map! You can also add a comment to your check-in (tap the marker to show it).

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My memes

Your memes are always with you.
Save your memes in a cloud, access them on any device.
Find and share in a couple of clicks when you need them the most

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